The Freelance Florist

The Style Co are an amazing team of creatives focusing all their energy on making your event/wedding the most unique and personally stunning dream come true. The company is an umbrella of stylists, florists, production, planning and design hands and hearts based in Melbourne, now sought after all over Australia to create the party of a lifetime.

I started working with The Style Co in 2011 when I was still living in Melbourne and have continued to travel around with these lovely people even though I moved farthur afield to NSW.

"Life's too short to have boring parties" 

This is The Style Co mantra, and being on the job with them could not be more accurate. They work hard (often upside down hanging from the ceiling), get very tired and sweaty (4am market mornings and 1am bump outs will do that to a gal), but I get to be a part of a hilarious, caring team who are all on the job to create the one, same goal - beauty.

The Style Co are now also taking workshops interstate in Brisbane/Sydney and Melbourne for all those future stylists and dreamers, floral workshops starting for all the green thumbs and closet still-life fanatics, check their website for dates -


Event design and flowers by @thestyleco #thestyleco